Close to the “Niederbayerisches Landwirtschaftsmuseum” there are parking spaces to your disposal. You can park your car there for up to two hours without charges. (Don’t forget to put your parking disc in a visible way inside of your windscreen!) In addition, there are parking spaces for people with disabilities directly next to the museum.

There are also two big car parks in a walking distance of approximately five minutes: the “Parkdeck Pfarrerwiese” (Bachgasse 19) and the “Falter-Festplatz” (Deggendorfer Straße 18). The latter car park is also suitable for coaches/omnibuses. Both car parks are fee-based.

Additionally, under the programme “Projekt eWald” close to the “Niederbayerisches Landwirtschaftsmuseum” a charging station for electrical vehicles has been installed. Thus, you can recharge your electrical vehicle while you are enjoying a tour through the museum!