“Dampfmannschaft” (Steam Engine Experts)

The “Niederbayerisches Landwirtschaftsmuseum” owns a 24 hp movable Lanz steam engine built in 1927 and a steam engine built by Firma “Esterer”/Altötting in 1938. The latter could be acquired through financial support of the Friends’ Association in 1993. It has always been used for demonstration purposes.

Therefore, Friends’ Association’s member Hermann Kraus has been establishing a special work team of people who – with occasional changes in personnel – have been acquainting themselves with the historical engines, forming the committed “Dampfmannschaft” of the “Niederbayerisches Landwirtschaftsmuseum”.

Several times throughout the season the “Dampfmannschaft” activate a historical agricultural sawmill – a  saw gate built by “Pusterhofer” in 1938, overhauled by Hermann Kraus and Franz Kopatsch within 300 hours working time. It is powered by the movable steam engine built by “Esterer”.

Beyond that, the historical engines are being used in steam thrashing performances outside of the museum area. The “Dampfmannschaft” experts are in charge of maintaining the engines and preparing them for the annual Technical Control Board tests. In Bavaria there are only few mobile steam engines left that achieve to pass Technical Control Board tests.

You should not miss the chance of being a witness of a “steaming” performance of these archaic engines!